Did you spot it?

A Strawberry Supermoon brightened the skies of UAE last night on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. It is one of three Super Moons of 2022.

What is a Supermoon?  

A Supermoon is a term used to describe the point at which the moon’s orbit gets the closest to earth. It results in a slightly larger than usual size of the lunar disk.

Sadly, the moon doesn’t mean that moon is going to change its shape or turn a shade of red. The name actually comes from Algonquin, a tribe of Native America and the full moon was a sign to them that it was time to harvest wild strawberries. Now, there’s a fun fact you can share and impress your mates with. If we do see a that has a bit of red colour, it is most likely because as it rises above the horizon, it catches the colour of the rising sun.

If you missed it, we have shared some photographs below for you to see.

Snapped up from the desert

Beautiful shot from La Mer

This one belongs in a textbook

A hazy capture

Shining bright over Dubai Marina


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Snapped up in the cultural city

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