Sponsored: Cafe Beirut is now available via delivery…

There are some cravings that only authentic Levantine cuisine can cure. But the fragrant mezze and hummus pangs don’t always come at the most convenient times, which is why we recommend having a go-to, top-tier restaurant that offers delivery via a handy app.

And it gives us great pleasure to announce that from Wednesday, June 22, 2022 the outstanding selection of Lebanese gastronomy from fan favourite, Café Beirut is now available to enjoy in the comfort and Netflix bingeing privacy of your own home.

Coming to you exclusively via snack haling platform partners Zomato, you can savour their famously seductive shawarmas on the sofa; have their highly regarded halloumi osmalieh in your hammock (just be careful with the dip); consume the connoisseur Provencal and grilled chicken wings in the kitchen; treat yourself to chef-curated ‘daily dishes’, such as mloukhiyeh, for a bougie office lunch; and because Cafe Beirut’s food is available for delivery until 4am, you can tuck into juicy Lebanese burgers, oven-fresh pizzas, and mixed mouajjanet for the ultimate midnight feast.

Their covetous desserts are available for kitchen to doorstep delivery too, including such sweet serrandes as daaoukyeh, osmalieh cheesecake, and seasonal fruit. You can find the Café Beirut collection of fresh juices — orange, carrot, watermelon, apple and lemonade. And as you might expect from a family restaurant, the kids are well catered for too, with options like chicken osmalieh strips, prime tawook, and lucious bowls of pasta.

It’s starting to get warm outside… Order now via the zomato.com website or the app for a cosy night in with some next level Levantine cuisine. Available from Wednesday, June 22.

Images: Provided