The retailer will also reward customers that use reusable alternatives…

In line with Abu Dhabi’s ban on single-use plastic bags from today, June 1, UAE retailer Spinneys has gone one step further to announce that it will implement the ban in all its UAE stores. The ban will come into effect in Dubai from July 1, 2022.

Spinneys has said it will ‘implement the removal of all disposable bags at checkout. This includes bags made of plastic, paper, biodegradable plastic and plant-based biodegradable materials.’

Customers will even be rewarded for using reusable alternatives with 25 fils off their total grocery bill. So, instead of charging 25 fils to use a disposable plastic bag, shoppers can get 25 fils back simply for remembering to bring their own reusable bags into store.

The retailer has also launched a new range of reusable bags, designed by Dubai-based award-winning sustainable artist, Peahead Eco. The line offers a range of bespoke, premium tote bags made from 100 per cent sustainable materials, ethically handmade by local craftspeople in Ajman.

Sophie Corcut, Sustainability Manager at Spinneys, comments: “Sustainability lies at the heart of Spinneys’ business strategy and we are committed to supporting the national target to completely ban all disposable bags in the UAE by 2024.

“We will continue to introduce rewards and initiatives to help our customers adopt an eco-friendlier way of living too, like our new premium shopper in collaboration with Peahead Eco. It’s great to see the single-use plastic bags being re-purposed into something practical and stylish.”

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