“The most Dubai thing I’ve done? Eat a 24-karat gold camel burger after a helicopter ride to a hotel…”

UAE Famous is a What’s On column focusing on people out there making the scene. They’re out there around town, making noise. We asked them what’s good in the UAE. We asked them what’s bad in the UAE. We asked them to tell us more, more, more about their wonderful selves…

And this month, we sat down with the self-proclaimed ‘realist housewife’, Lesa Milan…


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What originally brought you to Dubai?

My husband has been a resident of Dubai for 17 years. When we met in my home town of Miami, which he was visiting at the time, he sold me the Dubai dream and thankfully it came true.

We’re very excited to see you on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai. How did you land the role?

I was introduced to the casting director by my friend Chanel Ayan, we did a few rounds of interviews, and eventually got the job.
Overall the experience has been a lot of fun because I’m doing it with my group of friends.

Have you had a favourite moment during filming?

One of my favorite moments was introducing my friends to my Jamaican culture. Tune in to the show to see all the fun we had.

Has it been challenging running your business while filming?

Yes, it has been extremely challenging running a business and taking care of my three little boys all while filming, but thankfully I never shy away from a challenge and I embrace growth.

Can you tell us about your brand Mina Roe?

Mina Roe is one of the world’s biggest maternity brands. We’re known for our trend-setting and sustainable clothing range. This summer, we’re announce that we’re expanding into post pregnancy ready-to-wear, which means that all women can experience our flattering and comfortable designs.

What’s the most ‘Dubai’ thing you’ve ever done?

The most Dubai thing I’ve done? Eat a 24-karat gold camel burger after a helicopter ride to a hotel.

What do you love about the UAE?

It’s safety and diversity. I love that people from all different nationalities and religions live in love, peace and harmony.

What frustrates you?

Rush hour traffic on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Do you reckon it’s your forever home?


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