The recently appointed president set out his vision and priorities for the future of the UAE…

UAE President H.H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nayhan said that “empowering the people of UAE is nation’s top priority and basis of its future plans,” as he addressed the nation for the first time as UAE President. In a public broadcast on Wednesday night, Sheikh Mohamed outlined the UAE’s priorities and announced the UAE’s ambitions for the coming decades.

In the address, Sheikh Mohamed stressed that “our primary goal is the UAE and its people,” and that the basis of all future plans for the country is ensuring “our people have everything they need to live fulfilled, comfortable, and happy lives.”

During the 10-minute speech, Sheikh Mohamed shared the key topics that the UAE would continue to build on under his vision. These included:

The sovereignty and security of the UAE

Sheikh Mohamed reminded residents that this is a foundational principal of the UAE, and there is a zero-tolerance policy for anything that could impact that. He added that the UAE has an “advanced, sustainable and integrated ecosystem,” and will continue to be a model of inspiration for other countries across the world.

The strength of the economy

Speaking on the economy, Sheikh Mohamed described the UAE economy as “thriving” and recognised that the country is “blessed with many resources, especially our high-skilled human capital.” He added that diversifying the economy will be a strategic pillar moving forward, as the UAE continues to strive to achieve the highest global rankings.

Science and technology

The President took some time to stress the importance of continuing the UAE’s pursuits in the fields of science and technology.

Openness and constructive collaboration

Sheikh Mohamed added that he was ‘very proud’ of the efforts of our young men and women in the UAE to build “robust relations with countries around the world, based on solid foundations of openness and constructive co-operation.”

This will continue to be a focus during the next chapter as the UAE continues to establish strategic partnerships around the world, providing humanitarian aid and offering a helping hand to those in need. He added that the UAE would continue to “consolidate our nation’s position as a reliable energy provider, and support global energy security as a fundamental driver of global economic growth and development.”

Peace and respect

In his concluding statements, Sheikh Mohamed took time to reflect on the strong foundations laid by the Founding Father, recognising the exceptional achievements secured by the UAE, despite being such a young country. He added the UAE would continue to build on this, championing peace and stability while supporting others for the good of mankind. He said that strengthening “co-operation and enabling positive, respectful dialogue between countries to achieve stability and prosperity for all,” was among the UAE’s priorities for the next chapter.

“Our responsibility is to secure a bright future for our youth, and achieving that depends on the work and effort we put in today.”

Image: wam