Sponsored: This has to be one of the best ladies’ night line-ups in the capital…

Crowne Plaza Yas Island’s award-winning bar, Stills has quite the party-putting-on pedigree. It’s Yas Island’s longest bar and serves up electric atmosphere alongside its craft mixology and top drawer snack selection.

Which is why, when we get news like ‘Stills has just dropped a brand new ladies’ night, with some truly incredible inclusions (and there’s a package for guys too)’ we sit up and listen very attentively.

Enter ‘Spice and Gossip Nights’, a new Friday evening entertainment extravaganza at Stills, launched on August 26, and it is so unapologetically crammed with outstanding reasons to visit, we had to break them down as a list.

Making you an offer you can’t refuse

The core offer here is worth your attention on its own, but it is not the sum total of our argument as to why you should come. The night starts at 8pm and rages all the way to 2am, but to get things started, there’s a three hour tapas and unlimited beverage package (8pm to 11pm) — all for just Dhs89 for females.

The gents are not ignored

Unlike almost every other ladies’ night in the city, the more beardy of the genders can get in on the action too. They can get access to the same three hour, unlimited drinks and tapas dishes for Dhs149.


Let them entertain you

There’s a femme fatale multi-tasking entertainment double act on hand to ensure your Spice and Gossip night is appropriately *fans self* spicy. Mari is a DJ and drummer, naturally and the resident songstress Maria, she is a (roller) skater girl, you’ll see her later girls, on stage during the show.

Live, Laugh, LOL-lies

On point for a party that prides itself in being both chill and pretty cool, you can wrap your lips around some special frozen party refreshments. Enjoy adult beverage crushed ice mixes from the slushie machine and a line in over-21-only popsicles.

Gonna party like it’s your birthday

Unrelated, well semi-related, but Stills is also currently running a birthday promotion, offering you what amounts to the best sort of gift if you decide to throw your party there — 30 per cent off the total bill. And for groups of 15 or more, you get a free cake.

1001 Arabian nights

Sure the ladies’ night is pretty epic but it is just one of a full week of incredible themes and deals at Stills. Take for example their Saturday Daydream Brunch (12.30pm to 4pm) it’s priced from Dhs169 and there’s an after party for Dhs150. XL Sundays are your opportunity to order supersized versions of certain menu items for Dhs199, big enough for four to share (or not, what happens at Stills stays at Stills). And celebrate hump day in possibly the most creative way we’ve heard before, with Wellington Wednesday — available at Dhs159 get either the traditional beef, or turkey, or even vegie-friendly pumpkin, en croute, on a plate and then in your belly.

Crowne Plaza Yas Island, ladies’s night is every Fri 8pm to 2am, 8pm to 11pm beverage and tapas package from Dhs99. Tel: (02) 656 3000, ihg.com

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