You get a mangrove, she gets a mangrove, everybody gets a mangrove…

The UAE’s national carrier recently set up the Etihad Forest initiative – a commitment to establishing and growing mangrove forests both within Abu Dhabi and across other global destinations found on their route map.

The project was launched in February of this year and the airline hopes by the end of Q3 2023, it will have planted 182,000 mangroves tree. To help achieve this aim, Etihad Airways will be adopting one mangrove tree on behalf of every passenger that books one of their Economy Space seat.

Putting down roots

Economy Space Seats are of course economy seats with extra space. More legroom, more stretch room, just generally more room room. You can book them for a small additional fee at any time using the  “Manage my booking” tab on the website, or when checking in. Etihad Guest Platinum members get their Economy Space seat for free, whilst Etihad Guest Gold members save 50 per cent.

My tree and me

After you’ve flown you’ll receive confirmation of your individual adopted tree. You can virtually visit your tree, check out data relating to its CO2 gobbling performance, and — we realise this sounds barking mad — talk with it via a chat bot enabled virtual exchange. We know, hard to be-leaf. But it’s true. Talk about branching out in new directions.

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It’s part of Etihad’s war on carbon — and it’s a pretty savvy approach because as well as the fact that each mangrove planted can absorb up to 250kg of CO2 in its lifetime (the same amount produced by an eight-hour flight), they look dreamy don’t they.

Plane sailing

In further sustainability news, the airline has also been busy acquiring the more ecofriendly Boing 787 and Airbus A350 aircraft as part of its Greenliner and Sustainable50 initiatives.

Talking about theprogramme Mariam Al Qubaisi, Head of Sustainability, Etihad Aviation Group, said: “In addition to our own sustainability ambitions, we made a commitment to helping our guests and partners to travel more sustainably and empower them to make conscious choices.”

“With the latest evolution of our sustainability programme to plant a mangrove on behalf of every guest who books an Economy Space seat, we’re simplifying the process so anyone can travel sustainably.”

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