Sponsored: The Waterfront Market has welcomed 50 million visitors since 2017…

The Waterfront Market has officially been a part of the Dubai community for five years now. So much more than just a market, Waterfront Market enables shoppers to buy fish straight from the source ‘From Boat to Plate’.

It’s renowned for being the source for everything fresh and the one stop shop for all essential shopping needs from fresh fish, seafood, meat & poultry to dry goods & spices and fruits & vegetables. Waterfront Market is also home to a Lulu hypermarket and a 700 metre long promenade which boasts stunning views of the Deira Corniche with a variety of restaurants offering an unparalleled experience with a stunning sea view.

Waterfront Market in numbers

Over the years, Waterfront Market has sold 564,250 tonnes of food, which is more than the weight of the Burj Khalifa; as well as 456,250 tonnes of fish, the top sellers of which include Kingfish, Hamour, Sheri and Safi. 54,000 tonnes of meat and poultry has been sold, the equivalent to the weight of 4.8 Ain Dubais; as well as 50,400 tonnes of vegetables, which is the same weight as 86 A380 Airbuses.

Cooking up a storm

Christos Lymperis, Executive Resident Chef at the Waterfront Market

Waterfront Market is the only market in the UAE that has its own resident chef. Every Friday, Chef Christos is available to answer all your shopping and cooking questions during his live cooking sessions. Ask him anything from what products are in season to what’s best to buy for a family dinner, how to cook a perfect steak, or ask him to help you choose from the vast selection of meat and seafood on offer.

If you miss a weekly session at the Market, you can catch up on all of Chef Chris’ previous cooking classes and discover his tips and tricks on the Waterfront Market Instagram page. Not only can you spot Chef Chris at Waterfront Market, but it is also a hotspot for celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Nobu Matsuhisa, Giorgio Locatelli and Boy Logro who have all visited.

Waterfront Market, Deira Corniche Dubai, open 24/7. waterfrontmarket.ae