Breaking: A Covid-19 briefing has outlined new regulations for schools…

New Covid protocols have been announced for children and teachers returning to school in the UAE, most of which return on Monday August 29. The updates were announced by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) during a media briefing on Tuesday August 23.

Is a PCR required to return to school?

According to the new regulations, students aged 12 years and over, administrative and educational staff, and service providers are required to obtain a negative test result for a PCR laboratory test that does not exceed 96 hours from the start of the first school day. This will be required without the need for a periodic examination, as the symptom-only strategy has been adopted.

For the new school year, all students are allowed to enrol in public education, including those who are not vaccinated for health reasons or who are excluded from vaccination. There will be no need for temperature checks, provided that anyone feeling that they have a high temperature do not come to school.

Will masks be mandatory in UAE schools?

Masks will remain mandatory in all closed spaces, with the option of remote working and learning available to anyone with Covid-19 or suffering from respiratory symptoms, until a negative PCR test is provided.

NCEMA concluded its briefing by thanking citizens and residents for their commitment during the pandemic. The governing body also hopes that everyone will commit to the new regulations and all precautionary and preventive measures in order to continue with our normal lives.

Image: Getty