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As one of the capital’s leading five-star hotels, Rosewood Abu Dhabi comes with a dazzling portfolio of hyper-luxurious experiences. There’s the world-class gastronomy, the extravagant living quarters, waterfront location and direct access to a mall that features A-List retail and entertainment attractions.

But some of the hotel’s most softly spoken allure comes in the form of its wellness hub — Sense, A Rosewood Spa. This ‘sanctuary of tranquility’ offers a blend of modern and traditional indulgences, of local healing rituals and big name international treatment brands, all set in Rosewood’s signature haute-design splendour.

But what sort of experiences and special promotions await the weary travellers embarking on this journey? Take a seat, breathe deeply on the soothing vapors, we’re about to slip into some of our favourite Sense sensations.

The Birthday Offer

Sense, a Rosewood Spa is offering you the opportunity to spa-rty like it’s your birthday. They’re very decent proposal is — you, and three of your nearest and dearest book a pamper session (any treatment with availability for four) to celebrate a birthday and you’ll receive a completely complimentary birthday cake and nonalcoholic champagne, good for a party of four.

The Arabian Nights Journey

Not all spa experiences were created equal, and this one resides in some very rarefied air. The ritual begins with a soothing scented milk bath — an aromatic melange of swirling sweet florals combine to offer one of the most luxuriant, restorative and immersive sorts of salves. After your fragrant dip it’s time for a full ninety-minute custom massage, tailored to your style and pressure preferences and ritualised with Arabian massage oils, selected specifically to arouse and enhance your senses. Draw the occasion to a close with one of the spa’s Meze treatments to accompany your experience and cater to your individual needs.

Total session time: Two hours and thirty minutes, Dhs1,475.

Traditional Hammam

When in Rome… Or more accurately for this therapy, ‘when in the Middle East. Here, you can enjoy the time-proven, regional purifying speciality that is the hamam. The experience exploits the cleansing and revitalising properties of a eucalyptus scented Moroccan black soap. After a vigorous exfoliation under the traditional hammam kese mitt, your body is wrapped in a detoxifying blend of rhassoul clay and herbal aromatics including geranium, citrus and mint. This body mask serves to further draw out impurities and soften the skin. The result, is a radiant glow not even the September humidity can tarnish.

Total session time: Sixty minutes, Dhs900.

Signature Sense Massage

What is in a name? When it comes to Rosewood, quite a bit actually — it’s a word that conjures cognisance of a rich heritage of wellness, and a centuries old tradition of enhancing lives and dwelling on pleasure. This ‘namesake’ treatment involves a therapeutic blend of massage techniques and the use of heated rosewood sticks throughout the massage. The signature oil, infused with a special custom-blend of craft Arabian botanicals — including frankincense and Oud, has been designed to instantly relax your muscles, and promote your overall health and well-being. A Rosewood experience under any other name, just simply wouldn’t do…

Total session time: Option one — Sixty minutes, Dhs690. Option two — ninety minutes, Dhs820.

Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Al Maryah Island, 11am to 9pm. rosewoodhotels.com

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