With the kids back at school, let’s make sure we keep them safe…

Even if you’re not a parent, child, teacher, auxiliary school worker, bus driver, or rucksack salesperson — you’ve probably still picked up on the fact that the kids are now back at school in the UAE.

There was the traditional Insta spam of ‘first day’ photos, the ominous ‘back to school’ retail marketing campaigns that kick off roughly halfway through the hols, and of course the return of the school run traffic (/choreographed creative parking).

And part of that traffic, the instantly recognisable big yellow school buses, carry en masse some very precious cargo — future doctors, web designers, brunch saxophonists, painters, machine coders and other diminutive denizens of future-proof careers.

So let’s all get aboard the safety bus, taking particular care wherever we see them on the roads, especially when they’ve stopped to let the little ones off.

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Failure to do so is not only neglect of your duty-of-care as a motorist, but it can also land you with some hefty penalties. If motorists do not stop when a school bus has come to a halt, and remember regardless of the side of the road – this applies to traffic moving in both directions, you could find yourself with a Dhs1,000 and 10 black points.

Take care on the roads out there folks, especially when it concerns our community’s most vulnerable.

Images: Unsplash