Sponsored: Indulge in your favourite treatments from 24-karat gold facials to full body treatments… 

The busy season is upon us and, while you may no longer be able to abscond for a trip abroad, why not treat yourself to one of Dubai’s most luxurious spa days? The decadent spa, overlooking the Dubai canal, was the first St. Regis Spa in the Middle East and has since become the place to be for individuals, couples, and friends alike.

With six suites dedicated to each of the senses across sight, smell, touch, and beyond, the spa has an indulgent range of treatments including a 24k gold facial and their newest treatment – the Royal Hammam.

From the precious ingredients to the expert therapists, every detail has been well-thought-out for an experience like no other. The only hard part? Actually leaving.

The treatments…

The most powerful sense, smell, is stimulated in the Smell Suite: a room featuring a wooden wall which immediately transports you to nature with a distinctive forest smell. Pure bliss.

Another one for the adventure or nature-seeker is the Sight Suite, which brings you on a stress-relieving journey through animated pictures accompanied by the sounds of nature. The room also has its own private steam room and sparkling star lights.

Sound and music also have a powerful influence on the brain due to the emotional connection tied with them. Enter: the Sound Suite, stimulating your hearing through vibrations, singing bowls, sound energy treatments, and even curved sound chairs where you can choose your own music.

For a taste of tradition, the Taste Suite will purify your body and mind with a Hammam treatment. The treatment space has a twinkling star sky like the Arabian night sky and will leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed, and healthy. The new addition to their sensorial treatments is The Royal Hammam which is a tribute to the natural healing properties of Morocco. This is a great option for those wanting a full body exfoliation and hydration that will leave you feeling uber refreshed.

Rediscover your balance and eliminate any negative energy in the Beyond Chamber. This suite really does go beyond restoring the body featuring a private steam room, Tibetan sound healing balls, and sparkling lights across the domed ceiling.

5th floor, St. Regis Downtown Dubai, Marasi Drive, Dubai. Daily 10am to 10pm.  Tel:(0)4 512 5566 stregisspadubai.com

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