Remakes, great casts and mermaids…

This week is an interesting week for films, director David O Russell has brought together a fantastic cast. Theres yet another remake of a classic tale and a few other films that worth watching to fill out a few hours of your week.

The Siege of Robin Hood

They should have stopped the Robin Hood movies at the Disney film. Love seeing the heroes win by stealing from the rich to give to the poor (which… technically makes them just as bad) you need to catch this rendition of Robin Hood. The movie follows Robin who is seeking revenge on the men responsible for attacking his family while simultaneously restoring freedom to the people under an oppressive rule.

Cast: Khali Williams, Dave Beamish, David McRae
Action (PG15)
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The Enforcer

A top mob enforcer seemingly gains a conscience when he finds a runaway from Atlanta on his streets in Miami. He sets her up in a motel and gives her some cash but she suddenly goes missing and he now feels the burning desire to tear down the world he’s built around him. Will he destroy his career for the protection of one young girl?

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Kate Bosworth, Natalie Burn
Action (18+)
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Mona Lisa and The Blood Moon

Escaped mental asylum patient with some eerie powers befriends a struggling single mother in New Orleans and together they go on a series of criminal escapades. This leads to the police paying close attention to their every move. Characterised as part thriller part neon fantasy, this film has an interesting allure, much like its protagonist.

Cast: Kate Hudson, Craig Robinson, Jeon Jong-Seo
Fantasy Thriller (18+)
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Based on the true story of ‘The Flying Bandit’, a successful Bank and jewellery thief, Robert Whiteman makes a successful career for himself out of thieving. He makes a break for Canada and assumes a new identity and life. However, he cannot get over the thrill of the heist and leads a double life (cause that’s never caused any problems for anybody before).

Cast: Mel Gibson, Josh Duhamel, Elisha Cuthbert, Nestor Carbonell
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Two soldiers of war and a nurse find themselves in Amsterdam and form a pact and swear to protect each other no matter what. However, they get caught up in a murder as witnesses and have to alter the course of American history. If the plot of the movie alone doesn’t sell the film to you, the incredible cast just might.

Cast: Chris Rock, Margo Robbie, Christian Bale, Rami Malek, Mike Myers, Robert De Niro, Anya Taylor-Joy
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Barbie Mermaid Power

One the little ones in your family will most certainly enjoy. Join ‘Malibu’ and ‘Brookyln Barbie and their little sisters on an underwater adventure as they turn into mermaids and save the underwater world of Pacifica. Summoned by Isla, they are asked to complete a series of challenges in order to discover their inner power.

Cast:Kirsten Day, Johnny Yong Bosch, Madelyn Kratzer
Family Adventure
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