I learnt to drive when I was about 14 years old – Supercar Blondie…

UAE Famous is a What’s On column focusing on people out there making the scene. They’re out there around town, shaping the UAE into what it is, creating the culture, food and life around us. We asked them what’s good in the UAE. We asked them what’s bad in the UAE. We asked them to tell us more, more, more about their wonderful selves…

This month we catch up with Supercar Blondie, Alex Hirschi…

Who are you, and what made you famous?

I am known online as Supercar Blondie. I create content around cars, which is shared to over 80 million subscribers.

What inspired you to make the move to Dubai?

Fourteen years ago, my now-husband got a job offer in a bank in Dubai, so we moved from Brisbane, Australia. I got a job as a radio host and worked freelance in journalism until five years ago when I started Supercar Blondie.

supercar blondie

What is your favourite car you’ve ever driven?

It was a Koenigsegg Agera RS from a Swedish manufacturer. It’s so powerful that it makes you feel as though you shouldn’t even be in control of the car. They only made a few and if you wanted to buy one now, they can sell for $10 million.

What three things would you pack for a UAE road trip?

I’d have to pack water, my three dogs and plenty of wood – just in case I ended up stuck in the sand.

Who would be your dream passenger on a long drive?

Honestly, no one. Whenever I’m in a car, I’m normally with my camera crew, or I’m being interviewed, so if I had a chance to go on a long drive, I would love to be alone.

What was the first car you ever drove?

My first car was a seven-year-old Mitsubishi, which was passed down from my older brother to my older sister and then me. I learnt to drive when I was about 14 years old.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love to just come home, play with my dogs and see my friends. I’ve been in Dubai for so long now that I’ve built a brilliant network and whenever I’m not travelling, I love to just hang out with them.

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?

It’s got to be taking this business from just me and my husband at zero subscribers to now 40 of us in the team. We’ve got an amazing office on The Palm, and a brilliant team of around 18 nationalities – some of which have flown across the world to work with us.

What do you love about the UAE?

I love that there’s always something going on; I love the spontaneity. I also love how the UAE is at the forefront of technology, and there’s an app for everything.

What frustrates you about the UAE?

The heat. It’s very difficult to be outside and film content when it’s 47 degrees Celsius.

Do you think that Dubai will be your forever home?

It’s difficult to say but I think so, yes. Unless there was a big work opportunity somewhere else, then maybe I could see myself in New York or LA, but I really do love Dubai.

What’s next in the pipeline?

We just launched our editorial site supercarblondie.com where readers can find all the latest news about tech, luxury, gaming, and lifestyle. We’ve built a team of creators and publish across all platforms and will now be posting lots of written content on our website.