Expect plenty of big D-R-A-M-A…

Dubai’s latest reality show Dubai Bling is now available on Netflix.  The reality show is based on the lives of 10 millionaires (with big personalities) in Dubai, which means only one thing… plenty of popcorn-munching drama.

If you want a sneak preview of what to expect, the streaming platform released a trailer two weeks ago to up the excitement. You can watch it below: 

The trailer shows snippets of the drama that lay ahead for those that have the reality shown on their radar. The mike-drop moment in the trailer begins when we hear one socialite stating ‘Among these millionaires, there’s the real, but also the fake’. It only intensifies then on with arguments, tears, confrontations, sass and even a catfight.

Of course, there’s the fun side of the show which shows the gang partying and living it up in Dubai.

By the look of it, the show seems to be a mix of Arabic and English, but of course, for our non-Arabic speaking viewers, there are subtitles. Each episode is about 45 minutes long and there are eight episodes in total.

Recognise the stars? 

Dubai bling

Last month, Netflix released the names of the 10 millionaires, and you will be familiar with some of them. There’s Kris Fade – radio presenter of Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4FM and his partner Brianna Fade;  Ebraheem Al Samadi (more popularly known as The Blooming Man) – the owner of Forever Rose Cafe; DJ Bliss Dubai – a popular Emirati DJ  and Farhana Bodi – a popular social media star.

There are some faces you may not recognise but here’s a little bit of information about them. There’s Zeina Khoury – CEO and Chief Growth Officer of High Mark Real Estate Brokers; Safa Siddiqui – an Iraqi-British influencer; Danya Mohammed – entrepreneur and wife of DJ Bliss; TV Show host Lojain Omran and Lebanese socialite Loujain Adadah. 

So, will you be cancelling plans tonight to stay at home to watch it?

Images: Stills