The number of residents living together must still be provided..

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) announced on Friday, September 23 that residents of Dubai must register all cohabitants in shared and private properties within two weeks. This applies to all homeowners, developers, property management companies, and tenants. The DLD since informed residents that they only have to register the number of cohabitants, further details including name and Emirates ID no longer have to be provided.

According to The National, once the process is complete, the number of cohabitants will be included on the Ejari tenancy contract.

If you haven’t yet registered your fellow housemates or family members, you can complete the whole process via the Dubai Real Estate Self Transaction (Dubai REST) app.

Download the app here: (Apple) or (Google Play).

Here’s how to register cohabitants in Dubai:

  1. Open Dubai REST App and login/register.
  2. Choose your role as “Individual” and login with UAE PASS for quick access
  3. Authenticate yourself via UAE PASS Application
  4. From the Dashboard, select the property where you are a tenant
  5. Select Manage co-occupants to proceed
  6. Select “Add More” to add Co-Occupants to the property where you are a tenant
  7. Add the number of co-occupants
  8. Add all members of the family who are living in that property. To remove a co-occupant, select the delete icon and submit.

It has not yet been confirmed if there are any consequences for failing to complete the registration process. We will keep you updated if any further information is provided by the DLD

Images: Unsplash