A one-stop shop for residents and tourists alike…

Arbah Capital and Strategic Housing Group has announced that development has officially started for the first i8 Hotels property. It is set to be a part of their USD500 million targeted portfolio.

The two parties teamed up earlier this year to roll out the region’s first fully integrated co-living concept. The joint venture partners intend to develop the hybrid hotel and co-living residences internationally. Hoping to be in dynamic cities, within the vicinities of technology hubs, financial and commerce centres.

What does this mean?

Put simply: a new type of hotel is being developed in Dubai Internet City. The i8 hybrid co-living concept will provide residents and tourists with comforting and convenient accommodation, with 256 rooms spread across 15,000 sqm.

The hybrid co-living concept will hold shared areas such as eateries, common kitchen lounges and laundry facilities. It will also include co-working, social and entertainment spaces a fitness centre and even a mini-mart.

Mahmood Al Kooheji the CEO of Arbah Capital commented that he is ‘excited to launch this brand and are confident that it will deliver tremendous value to prospective tenants and investors’. Vik Rao the CEO of Strategic Housing Group also added: “The goal of this brand is to bring a new social dynamic as well as added convenience to the market and today’s lifestyle needs”.

Dubai Internet City has established itself as the leading location for technology firms from across the globe. Its neighbouring locations, Knowledge Park and Media City host some incredible companies including Google, Cisco and CNN.

The hotel is scheduled to be delivered in 2024 and will provide flexibility for short-term visitors and long term residents with various choices in leasing options. The interiors of the hotel will be designed to to reflect urban living and high-quality design that will create a sense of community in the communal areas through open plan spaces.