Will Halloween Ends finally, well… end?

It’s officially October so it is only expected that there will be horror films creeping into the cinemas. However, some of the new films to watch are far from the scary kind. Viola Davis plays a fierce warrior that must protect her people while elsewhere Sigourney Weaver rekindles an old high school romance.

The Woman King

Set in the 1800s, when colonisers docked on the beaches of West Africa, they weren’t quite prepared for what was waiting for them. A fierce and fearless army of incredible female warriors were readied for a ferocious battle. The Woman King sees Viola Davis as a General of the Dahomey warrior group. This film will display just how incredibly heroic and strong women are, and oh, it’s inspired by true events.

Cast: Viola Davis, Hero Finnes Tiffin, John Boyega, Jayme Lawson 
Action (PG13)
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Halloween Ends

The final rendition of the infamous and sinister series Halloween. It all ends when Michael Myers reappears after four years (are any of us really that shocked?) There is a cascade of violence that leads up to Michael Myers showing face (well, mask…) and now Laurie must face all her demons and take him on… on her own.

Cast: Jaime Lee Curtis, Judy Greer,  James Jude Courtney 
Action (18+)
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A man wakes up rather violently in a Mexican hospital and is suffering from amnesia but somehow possesses the ability to fight goons and mobsters with expert ability. He is being hunted by the cartels after discovering he is an undercover DEA agent. Everything unsurprisingly goes a bit pear-shaped and he must now try and escape Mexico and fight for his life all while trying to remember his life.

Cast: Josh Duhamel, Abbie Cornish, Nick Nolte
Action Thriller
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The Good House

Based on the novel, this film is heart-lifting and truly encapsulates that your life has a mysterious way of falling into place. After her husband divorces her, her seemingly perfect life shifts and Hildy finds herself struggling to get through the day without a drink. Until she really reconnects with her family and her high school romance. The film’s style is very Hallmark-esque and seems to make you feel like you’ve been given a warm hug.

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, Morena Baccarin 
Drama Romance
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