Sponsored: Lunch by the sea at Myrra…

If you’re looking for the perfect location to indulge and wow your family and friends with a spectacular lunch, then look no further than Myrra. Calling all creatives and innovators, this is your time to shine. This stunning beachfront venue has launched a ‘Creativity Lunch’ that takes dining and inspiring to a whole new level.

The menu takes inspiration from Myrra’s Greek and Spanish roots, using the rich and diverse flavours to invoke creativity that guests need to find their inspiration.

There are a whole host of incredible offerings on the menu, including a rich bowl of Myrra salad. Or vegetarian guests can enjoy the roasted cauliflower, while meat lovers are invited to delight in the 48 hour braised lamb shoulder. Ingredients in the dishes are all carefully curated to boost mood and metabolism as well as creativity.

No lunch is complete without dessert. Naturally, the Torrija, a celebrated dessert at Myrra, is a highlight, which contains walnuts which are a known serotonin booster. Guests can expect the perfect ambience that turns any lunch break into a lunch breakthrough.

Located at Club Vista Mare, this colourful restaurant offers an idyllic beachfront experience that is reminiscent of the beautiful islands that Myrra represents. Both indoor and alfresco dining provides a picture perfect setting for any lunch time of creativity, inspiration and indulgence.

Myrra, Club Vista Mare, Palm Jumeirah, Monday to Friday from midday to 4pm. Tel: (0)4 770 1433 myrrarestaurant.com, @myrrarestaurant