Sponsored: If you want to experience a bit of El Dorado in heart of Dubai, make sure you visit Huqqa restaurant before the month is over…

Located on the 3rd floor on Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall, Huqqa restaurant is inviting all guests to sprinkle a little gold on their dining experience this November.

The venue has launched its golden month where you will dine on dishes coated in 24-karat golden leaves in a specially decorated space complete with Dubai Fountain views.


Your journey begins with a walk through a beautiful tunnel shaped in the form of a star with fairy lights. The noteworthy Instagrammable moments continue into the restaurant where twinkly golden stars hang from the ceilings nestled within golden fairy lights. It truly is a sight to behold.

For your meal, pick from dishes such as the black truffle burger, burrata salad and Iskender. However, if you really want to impress, opt for a tomahawk steak covered in gold. It’s all been created by Chef Yuksel who hails from Turkey.

Your dining experience with the Midas touch doesn’t end there, as you will also have sweet treats that are sure to delight you including a delicious baklava cheesecake.

HUQQA inner 2

It’s not all just looks though. If you haven’t dined at Huqqa before, you’ll leave with memories lasting a lifetime. Dishes including the tomahawk steak and golden USD cake – another noteworthy dessert, come with clap-worthy theatrics including music from a boom box, dancing staff and flames.

But the sparkling moments don’t end there. Your drinks too will have a hint of gold added to them making them almost too pretty to drink.

Even the shisha offered here is unique and comes in different styles and flavours. It is topped with a magical golden powder and for a unique touch, the Huqqa team will take your photo which will then be placed in your shisha.

Want to experience Huqqa’s golden touch? Make sure you make a reservation as Huqqa is quite popular not only among the UAE residents but tourists, too. Contact the team on 800 48772 or via email at info@huqqa.com

Huqqa, Third floor, Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall, Gold menu until November end, open daily 10am to 3am, Tel: (800) 48772. @huqqame