And because it’s indoors, you’ll get year round use of it…

Al Maryah Island’s massive sports hub, ACTIVE has just opened a brand new 3,500 sqm indoor sports pavillion that will offer fitness enthusiasts an environment capable of providing a full 365-days-a-year of getting gains in glorious air conditioned equilibrium.

Open now and ready to get involved with right away are facilities for padel, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton and fitness. There’s also a café, and free water refill stations, because hydration, and snacking healthily are important too folks.


But one of the most exciting new additions, F45 should be dropping sometime later this year. This Aussie-born cult fitness brand already has a location at Zayed Sports City, and has a reputation for fierce but fair workouts, with dramatic conditioning results.


The classes combine a mixture of HIIT sessions, functional training (which is where the ‘F’ comes from in the name), circuit training and a cool-down period where you lock your trainer in the eyes and mouth obscenities at them.

Though that last part is entirely optional. Each 45 minute class (that’ll be where the ’45’ is from then) is designed to burn fat, build muscle, improve functional form, and to torch up to 1,000 calories. There’s no doubt that this outfit changes lives, it physically vibrates with positivity and community, it gets results fast

Other ways to stay ACTIVE indoors

Also inside at ACTIVE, their professional football dome is a great way to enjoy the beautiful game without the pain. You can rent out the 11-a-side pitch for Dhs1,575 per hour, and the 7-a-side pitch for Dhs924 per hour. Worked up a bit of an appetite? There are also a collection of food trucks on site. Back of the net.

ACTIVE Alfresco

Outside there’s even more space to flex. 83,000 sqm of it in fact. Acres more space for tennis, netball, padel, basketball, football and more.

Al Maryah Island,  Tel: (02) 403 4488, @activealmaryah

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