From 160kph to 140kph…

Abu Dhabi Police have shared a post on social media confirming that one of the emirate’s main highways, the Abu Dhabi — Al Ain road, is reducing a section of the carriageway (currently only in the direction towards Al Ain) from 160kph to 140kph.

The specific segment that is affected is the Al Saad Bridge to Al Amera Bridge portion of the road. The new speed limit is set to come into effect on the morning of Monday, November 14 and comes from the Abu Dhabi Police General Command, in cooperation with the Integrated Transport Center.

Why speeding is a problem

The move is of course to enhance traffic safety. According to Road Safety UAE “speeding is one of the main contributors to the death toll on our roads”.

The World Health Organization advice on the matter states “Inappropriate speed is a key risk factor for road traffic collisions, deaths and injuries: Exceeding the speed limit, or traveling too fast for road conditions can increase your chances of being in a crash. It’s harder for vehicles to safely stop or react to changing road conditions at unsafe speeds. Traveling at the appropriate speed can help drivers successfully avoid crashes.”


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What are the penalties for speeding in Abu Dhabi?

Penalties for speeding start at Dhs300 for speeds up to 20kph over the maximum limit, but can rise to Dhs3,000 with 23 black points and vehicle impound for 60 days for speeds in excess of 70kph over the limit.

Remember, in Abu Dhabi, there are no 20kph allowances on top of the stated limit.

You can pay traffic fines accrued in Abu Dhabi online, via the Darb app or through the police Call Center 800 3333.

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