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Whether you’re after a quick pastry and coffee or a casual meal that turns into a get-together lasting from noon-til-night, Lana Lusa brings the vibes and tastes all the way from old southern Europe to Wasl 51.

Always homemade, the chef focuses on what goes in: wholesome, high-quality, local ingredients. From eggs royale (Dhs53) to maple syrup pancakes (Dhs54), the delicious breakfast menu is served until 12.30pm every day. Those after a quick coffee and pastry can also opt for the breakfast deal: choose between a viennoiserie, pasteis de nata, or fresh breads and jam, served with a coffee and a juice for Dhs55 per person.

At lunch and dinner it’s their traditional Portuguese dishes, made for sharing and richly filled with Mediterranean memories. Be sure to sample the patis de bacalhau (salted cod croquettes), scoop up a spoonful of cod au gratin (bacalhau com natas) or the tempting cataplana de peixe, an Algarve fish stew cooked in a special copper kettle.

Whether you choose to sit inside, listening to the sound of plates stacking as you watch the chefs at work through the kitchen window, or find a moment of calm on the terrace to the sound of conversation filling the air, Lana Lusa never fails to deliver a warm, familiar atmosphere.

From the same group that brought us Mimi Kakushi, Twiggy, and La Cantine du Faubourg, Lana Lusa is among the most attractive restaurants in the city, reminiscent of Bairro Alto, Lisbon.

Remember to take away a box of their pasteis de nata (Dhs60 for a box of six), the perfectly creamy Portuguese custard tarts, you’ll thank us later.

Lana Lusa, Wasl 51, Jumeirah 1, weekdays 8am to 12am, Sat and Sun 9am to 12am. Tel:(0)4 380 1515. @lanalusadxb

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