Yep, your Instagram is about to be ‘flooded’ with rain pics…

Despite the fact, at time of writing, it’s not raining outside What’s On HQ, we have been able to deduce, using the latest advances in meteorological science (receiving WhatsApps from people saying ‘look it’s raining here’), that it is, in fact, currently raining in Dubai.

The anecdotal evidence has also been verified by the National Centre of Meteorology who have unleashed their own merry blizzard of tweets confirming rain sightings, and even hail storms, across the UAE.

November rain, in addition to being an outstanding Guns N’ Roses rock ballad *air guitar*, is a rare (the main months for anticipation of precipitation in the emirate are those from January to March) but not unheard of occurrence in Dubai. The rainfall being recorded here is mainly restricted to coastal areas, and has come from the formation of convective clouds.

And we know, every time it rains in Dubai, the great ‘it’s cloud seeding debate’ erupts with startlingly passionate defences from opposing camps – and whilst we can’t tell you definitively that this either ‘is’ or ‘is not’ the result of cloud seeding, we can tell you that these sorts of clouds, are the perfect variety for a spot of seeding. And that in non-humid conditions, seeding of this genre of the fluffy stuff can enhance rainfall yields by up to 35 per cent.

Is it raining where you are? Do you have Instagram? Tag us in your posts and we’ll add to the social media deluge.

Stay safe on the roads Dubai, stamping the accelerator is rarely the solution to anything weather related.

Images: Getty