The popular surf spot in Umm Al Quwain is now accepting bookings for the night…

If you’re looking for a tropical escape surrounded by nature without the long-haul flight, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now check into the popular Kite Beach Center for the night.

Located in the quaint emirate of Umm Al Quwain, Kite Beach immediately transports visitors to the beaches of Bali with its chilled vibes, healthy food, and thatched beach huts.

The dreamy beach huts are priced at Dhs250 per night on weekdays and Dhs350 weekends, with check-in at 9pm and check-out at 6am. The beach huts accommodate up to six people and include sun decks for sitting and sleeping, private shower, hammock, two water bottles, a fruit platter, free wifi, an electric socket, and outdoor air conditioning.

To truly reconnect with nature, guests can opt for the beach tents starting from Dhs200 on weekdays and Dhs250 on weekends and accommodating a family of three to four. Regular campers can also pitch their own tent with prices starting from Dhs100 per night.

Apart from being a haven for kite surfers, the boho beach is perfect for nature lovers with eight different mangrove tours a paddle-away, swings built from tree trunks, and is also dog-friendly (for an entry fee of Dhs75 per pup). These distinctive features are exactly why the picturesque beach just outside of Dubai is well-worth the drive.

The all-day menu has something for everyone from acai bowls and chia pudding to pizzas and fresh seafood. There’s also a vegan menu with an extensive range of healthy plant-based options including a Beyond Meat burger and truffle pizza.

There’s a variety of watersports and activities to take part in (for an additional cost) including paddle boarding, surfing, snorkelling, kite surfing, and kayaking. There’s also a wooden Tarzan gym in the sand for fitness-enthusiasts as well as a new collection of electric water activities such as an underwater e-scooter and e-surf board.

Kite Beach Center Umm Al Quwain. Entry Dhs45 weekdays, Dhs75 weekends, children Dhs35 weekdays, Dhs45 weekends, and Dhs75 for dogs,