As of November 24, Zomato will no longer provide us with deliveries…

It is with a heavy heart that Zomato has announced its shutting down as a food delivery app, in a filing on Monday. As first reported by Caterer, an email was sent regarding the notice and change in platform functionality.

Zomato has stated that they are proud of and grateful for the talabat-zomato partnership and the role Zomato played in supporting many great local restaurants in growing their online businesses on the platform, whilst at the same time delighting customers with their favorite meals, delivered by committed Talabat riders.

The Zomato app will not fully shut down and as per reports, the app will redirect users to Talabat, who agreed to a partnership for delivery of online food ordering for Zomato. There will be a new discovery platform released alongside Zomato Pay called Vibe Check. 

What is Vibe Check?

So far, we know that Vibe Check will be a platform where restaurants can share stories, updates or videos about their venue with the users – similar to Instagram. The platform has allegedly already begun trials in India. Talabat has said that they are looking to redifine the way customers experience dining out through the launch of the new feature, along with the launch of Zomato Pay, which the brand says will ‘enhance the value for both the customer and the restaurant partner’.

Zomato went on to thank partners being a trusted partner of Zomato food ordering over the years.

Images: Unsplash