In search of equilibrium…

Tough day at work? Hectic family schedules? These ideas to calm your mind, body, and soul will help you end the day on a high note, perfect for a good night’s sleep…


Where: Yoga One, Masdar City

Give your mind and body precious time to rest, relax and heal during this unique yin and sound bath class. You’ll experience a 30-minute guided yin practice followed by a sound healing relaxation that will leave you feeling grounded, centred and rejuvenated. The next session takes place on November 13, 6pm.



Where: Breathe Yoga Studio

These evening sessions are a gentle and relaxing all-level class that work deeply into the connective tissues and joints of the hip, pelvis and lower spine. It focusses on restoring flexibility and works deeply into joints that are ‘locked up.’ For extra zen power, the session is bookended with sound therapy and chakra healing.


Louvre Abu Dhabi yoga

Where: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Immersive flow sessions return to Louvre Abu Dhabi with a schedule of new sessions under the dome. The latest evening session takes place on a Saturday at 5pm where expert practitioner Meena guides students through a gentle restorative stretching session with sound healing.



Where: Body Tree Studio

Start your week off right with a guided sound healing session every Monday evening at 7.30pm. Sound healing is a technique that uses vibrations with Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks in order to relax the mind and body, clear the subconscious and activate the body’s natural healing systems. It can relieve stress and reduce pain and blood pressure.



Where: Flo Studio

Wind down by hanging upside down with an aerial yoga class at Flo Studio. This is a great class to use the aerial swing as an aid to decompress the spine – perfect for deskbound day jobs – and releases tension in the body while you’re having fun. It also improves flexibility and aids digestion. Classes take place weekly at 6pm.


There’s an App for that…

Three wellness options worth downloading now


Mindfulness is made simple with Headspace. Led by former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, the premise is to take 10 minutes a day to listen in and clear your mind. Users report better attention spans, alertness and instant calm.

  1. CALM

With this paid membership, users have access to more than 700 guided meditations of varying types and lengths. There are also ‘Sleep Stories’ that can help you if you have a tough time drifting off each night.


Insight Timer’s vast library of guided meditations can help with everything from easing you into sleep and reducing stress. They include cameos from celebrities such as Russell Brand and Giselle Bündchen.