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As we move through daily life, it’s normal to struggle with aches and knots, but that doesn’t mean that you should put up with them. Discover the benefits of massage on your physical and mental health with Yinyang Connection Spa.

The massage centre is one of the leading facilities, incorporating rejuvenating therapies with the principals of traditional Chinese medicine. This means that they treat the individual as a whole, rather than only targeting specific pain points and providing a ‘quick fix’.

Yinyang believes that massage is an essential part of everyone’s health and wellness regime, and therefore provides a range of options to suit everyone from athletes and fitness enthusiasts to people looking for general relaxation. Setting the standards of quality and best practices, Yinyang strives to ensure that every client has a memorable experience.

Massage therapy can lead to many important health improvements, when incorporated as part of a wellness routine, rather than only when you have aches and pains. Quality of life is said to improve in terms of both physical and mental health benefits when regular massage is carried out by an experienced therapist.

Yinyang Connection Spa has four branch locations across Dubai, including a luxury facility at Al Ferdous on Al Wasl Road. Other outlets include JBR, Beach Center andVillage Mall; all with separate treatment areas for men and women and well-qualified, experiences female therapists. Another luxury branch, called Yinyang Platinum, will open in The Dubai Mall soon.

Prices start from Dhs230 per hour, while Yinyang’s signature Meridian Shiatsu massage starts at Dhs390 per hour. For a more in-depth treatment, the 90-minute four hands massage is the ultimate pampering experience. Discounted packages can be found on the website.

Tel: Ferdous (0)4 358 8838, Beach Center (0)4 344 4211, Village Mall (0)4 385 5155, JBR (0)4 439 0111. WhatsApp: (0)55 518 8888. Yinyang.ae