The initiative is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to boost the safety and security of roads in Dubai…

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a programme to certify motorcyclists of delivery companies in Dubai. Represented by Licensing Agency, the move will improve the performance of delivery riders keeping in mind their safety, which will in turn enhance the services offered to consumers and customers in Dubai.

RTA stressed that all delivery companies must ensure all motorcyclists associated with them obtain the driver’s qualification certificate. It pointed out that the certification will ‘help raise the efficiency of this vital economic and service sector and at the same time maintain the safety of their riders.’

The programme highlights the basics of defensive driving, safety requirements, and the periodic maintenance of bikes among others. Drivers will learn traffic rules, be informed about statistics of traffic incidents, how to deal with different driving conditions and how to react during traffic incidents and with emergency vehicles. At the end of the course, drivers will be assessed to verify their knowledge.

Once the driver has passed the test, certificates will be issued to the bikers claiming they meet the professional requirements.

RTA further stressed that failure by the company to register all their drivers will result in a violation of law and regulation. The authority, however, has not declared a deadline date, or the consequence of failing to register.

Companies need to register at one of nine institutes accredited by RTA, which are: Al Ahli Driving Centre, Belhasa Driving Centre, Bin Yaber Driving Institute, Dubai Driving Centre, Emirates Driving Institute, Emirates Transport Driving Institute, Excellence Driving and Galadari Driving Centre.

This is just one of several initiatives the transport authority is rolling out in order to meet the needs of this vital sector.

Images: Emirates News Agency (WAM)