It promises better-than-botox results with no downtime required. But does it deliver?

If part of your 2023 is to be looking and feeling your best, Dubai is the perfect place to be, with its impressive array of treatments that range from the subtle to the head-to-toe transformative.

Among the newest treatments you can now try in Dubai is EMFACE, a dual-purpose facial procedure that’s been sweeping through Hollywood clinics in recent months. The first place to offer it right here in Dubai is Lucia Clinic, a beautiful Jumeirah aesthetics centre that counts Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria and Huda Kattan among its clients.

What is EMFACE?

This needle-free facial procedure is being billed as a better-than-botox treatment for those seeking a taut, lifted look for their skin. Uniquely, it targets both the face and skin muscles using uses radio frequency and muscle stimulation, takes just twenty minutes, and requires no downtime. Hello muscle-toning lunch break quick-fix.

A full term of EMFACE is four sessions spread a week apart, and the end result is best seen at approximately four weeks after full completion.


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How does it work

We arrive at Lucia Clinic, and are swiftly taken to one of the treatment rooms, all light, bright and airy, where Yelena in charge of our treatment conducts a quick consultation. Then, it’s a quick cleanse to take off make-up and ensure the machine is working with a clean blank canvas. We’re introduced to the EMFACE machine, and hooked up to the three applicators – one on either cheek and one on the forehead, which are all designed to lift the full face, targeting the forehead and cheeks, right to the corners of the mouth.

As the treatment begins, a 20-minute cycle, we can feel a warm, tingling sensation, which is more ticklish than painful. The feeling, Yelena explains, is different for everyone. We hardly notice the forehead tingling, but find the cheek electrodes more impactful, although not painful. We’re sure we must be screwing our face up with every electrical pulse, but in fact it’s just small twinges as the energies contract the facial muscles.

We’re told that what’s happening is two parts. The first is radio frequency that targets the deeper skin tissue layers, subsequently triggering the production of new collagen and elastin. The second targets the muscles, with HIFES-brand muscle stimulation designed to contract muscles and increase their density and tone, which then provides better support for the facial tissue.

The treatment flies by, and soon we’re soon being removed from the applicators. There’s no downtime required nor redness to the skin, and you’re able to immediately reapply make-up, making this the perfect lunch break treatment.

Even a few days after the first session, we’re impressed with the subtle toning we notice on our cheeks.

The pricing

Single session, forehead: Dhs1,575
Single session, cheeks: Dhs1,950

Single session, full face: Dhs3,250

Four full face sessions: Dhs10,000

Lucia Clinic, Villa 323, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 2, 9am to 8pm daily. Tel: (0)4 385 4525,