For new year detoxing, Biolite are serious when it comes to your wellness…

For over 15 years, Biolite has established itself in the community as a leading aesthetic clinic, located in Umm Suqeim in the heart of Jumeirah.

While there has always been a roster of cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments available, this represents its first ‘healthness’ centre dedicated to personalised and preventative therapies for beauty from within.

After years of research, the new concept supports longevity, nutrition, and sleep. Founder and CEO Mona Mirza reflected: “We have seen our clients achieve the best results when they use aesthetic treatments in alignment with a healthy lifestyle, which inspired us to take a deeper look and create a 360-approach to healthy longevity.”

But what Biolite has done to elevate things one step further is understanding that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. To bring its wellness offering to an entirely different level, Biolite’s holistic approach means a team of experts are on hand to help you find the best combination of biohacking therapies and advanced technologies to help you look as good as you feel (and feel as good as you look).

Upon arrival at the city retreat, you will find yourself in a welcoming and homely space that is immediately calming and relaxing. Surrounded by beautiful and affluent people, I couldn’t help feel a little less-than as I took a sip from my golden cappuccino cup. It was clear that this place was serious.

I then start panicking about my non-existent wellness routine which consists of the occasional smoothie, a morning walk, and perhaps a one-off pilates class when time permits.

After a detailed consultation and medical check-up with the doctor, we begin with the Cell Gym. Using a specialised breathing mask, the Cell Gym exposes you to intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) and is recommended for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and those with low energy. We’re told it has similar health benefits to an ice-bath. After 30-minutes, we immediately feel energised and calm (and definitely not like we’ve just completed any form of exercise).

Next, the Triple Detox iDome. The treatment uses three therapies, combining far infrared with plasma and light. This detox improves sleep, boosts mental clarity, lymphatic drainage, repairs skin, reduces chronic pain, and detoxes the full body from head to toe. As we lay under the sauna-like machine, we felt physically and emotionally restored.

Once the session was over, we rehydrated with cold towels and an electrolyte drink before heading to try the Soma Sleep Therapy.

In a city that never sleeps, it can be hard to ensure were getting a full eight hours. Yet sleep is one of the most important steps of our wellness routine.

Soma Sleep Therapy uses the power of acoustic and vibrational therapy to train your brain and help it relax. As we enter the dimmed room, under a ceiling-full of stars, we lay on the warmed water bed and put on our headphones. The treatment lasts for 22 minutes but you can request to be left for longer should you fall asleep.

As quite a tense person, I was sure I would not be falling asleep under these circumstances. Lo and behold, after 22-minutes, we were woken up from our power nap by the therapist.

There are facials, and then there are facials.

For the final treatment, we head upstairs for Biolite’s diamond glow facial. This facial uses steaming, LED light, and a diamond-extractor to draw the impurities to the surface of the skin. The therapist then extracts every possible spot and blackhead on the face, one by one – which can be lengthy depending on your skin type but is also the most effective step.  This is followed by a soothing and hydrating face mask and massage. The results were visible: lifted, hydrated, glowing skin to-go.

The only downside? Having to leave and go back into the real world.

Biolite, Villa 57, Al Thanya Road, Umm Suquiem 2, Dubai. Saturday to Thursday 9.30am to 9pm. Fridays closed.  Tel:(0)4 346 6641.

Images: Provided