Sponsored: The restaurant serves up some of the best beef burgers in town…

We are already spoiled for choices when it comes to food options in Dubai, but one opening that has caught everyone’s attention is the return of an OG – Wimpy.

Wimpy was the first-ever burger brand that introduced American cheeseburgers in the Middle East back in 1969. It first opened its doors in Kuwait and then across the region. It sadly closed its doors but the beloved burger brand is making a huge comeback after a 50-year break. After a successful relaunch in Egypt and Kuwait in 2021, Wimpy is returning to the UAE with a brand new look.

What’s On the menu?

wimpy burger

Wimpy’s smashed beef burgers are made from premium quality beef, topped with signature Wimpy sauces and nestled in soft potato buns.

The chicken is hand-breaded in the store with a secret mix of homestyle spices. It’s packed with rich flavour leaving you craving for more.

The menu is affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the delicious meal and fresh fizzy mixed drinks.

State-of-the-art technology

robot wimpy

Besides the great food, if you head to the Dubai Mall branch, you will get to see a unique chef with nuts and bolts in the kitchen.

That’s right, Wimpy is the first burger joint across the Middle East to have a robot that cooks your food. Designed by Miso Robotics, a US-based company, the little metal man named Flippy 2 will ensure that every french fry, onion ring, potato tot and chicken tender is consistently prepared.

The brand is now open in Dubai Mall, Circle Mall and Nad Al Hamar, with plans to open in Dubai Hills Mall and Abu Dhabi Corniche before the end of the year. So, whether you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, this cool new burger joint will always be nearby.

For more information, head to wimpy.me and @wimpyuae

Images: Wimpy  UAE