Nama-stay blessed Abu Dhabi…

Dust off your chakras, and polish up those poses, because the Bodytree Yoga Market is coming back to Abu Dhabi for another family-friendly, salutation-packed day of zen.

As always there’s a dizzying schedule of wellness and mindfulness activities available, with a special guest appearance from Laura Weston.

The date is March 4, the location is the shala of Bodytree itself — the interior and alfresco terrace space of the brand’s studio on the corner of Hazza Bin Zayed and Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street. And whilst entrance to the market is free, if you purchase the Dhs200 pass, it will give you access to all the classes and workshops throughout the day.

A bit of a stretch

The journey towards enlightenment begins at 9am, with Charlene taking command of a Power Flow class — it’s all about energising and invigorating the yogi congregation, getting you in the right space to fully absorb the day’s experiences. Another morning session, Angela’s Radiant Flow class, uses long, creative, and expressive asana sequences, allowing you to fully surrender to flow. And Vidya will be hosting a Fascia Floss yogic flex sesh, helping you boss the body’s fascia from nose to toes.

Throughout the day Carlos, Lillian, and Bodytree Studio’s Co-Founder Sharifa will be hosting workshops on subjects such as the Franklin Method, Breathing Embodiment, Happy Feet and Healthy Spine Dance.

Angela will be offering 10-minute flash Astrology consultations from midday to 3pm. Using the stars as her guide, and the natal sun, moon, and rising placement — Angela will attempt to unravel the unspoken truths of the real you, your feelings, and beyond.

Laughing babies

One common mantra among the wisest yogis is that you’re never too young to start cultivating a healthy body and healthy mind (although here, for practicality’s sake, the age range has a four-year-old minimum). And we agree, in fact if you need any real world assurances of the devastation of a life lived outside of harmony and balance, check the writer’s CV. At the Yoga Market, Abeer is on hand to instruct the little ones on the basics of yoga, focusing on body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination (ages four to 12).

And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper without the trinketry and bespoke fashion of artisan vendors. This time round local and international collaborators include Powder Beauty, Kata & Asana, Rumi,  Sand Dollar, and Unwrapped.

Bodytree Studio, Hazza Bin Zayed and Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street, Sat March 4 9am to 4pm, free to enter. @bodytreestudio

Images: Provided