Your next road trip destination…

Fujairah is getting a brand new development, and it’s set to become a gorgeous daycation destination. Called the Qidfa Development, it hopes to inspire eco-tourism by revamping the oasis and beach front with cosy kiosks and amenities. Launched by HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council , the sustainable destination hopes to add another dimension to Fujairah’s tourism appeal.

Here’s what we know so far

Fujairah Emirates village project

One of the things we love about the UAE is it’s diverse landscapes, offering, beaches, oasis’s and mountains. The Emirates Villages project is a new regional project that is dedicated to transforming some of the UAE’s most beautiful and remote villages to give them a fresher feel.

The revamping of the Qidifa oasis shorefront is part of that wider project, which will re-develop rural Emirati villages in hopes to inspire tourism and ignite economic prosperity. This project aims to highlight the potential of Emirati Villages, whilst ensuring long term sustainable development, and pursuing the wider goal of ensuring that all Emirati citizens have a good quality of life.

Fujairah Emirates village project

The Qidifa Region Development Project serves as an opportunity to economically develop more remote areas through tourism, with the goal of bringing 100,000 tourists per year to the destination.

The project is a significant model for long-term socioeconomic development due to it’s multifaceted approach, which will also launch 50 youth development projects, training programs, increased involvements of local communities, as well as creating a Dhs10 billion power plant what will generate electricity for almost 380,000 homes.

Fujairah Emirates village project

While we don’t have a timeline on when the redevelopment will be completed, make sure to watch this space for all the latest updates on this project.