“Aura Skypool has a sick view,” – Martin Garrix

Ahead of his sold-out concert at the Coca-Cola Arena in City Walk, What’s On caught up with acclaimed Dutch DJ, Martin Garrix. We talked about his early rise to fame, his favourite spots in Dubai and some of his favourite artists right now.

How does performing in the Middle East differ from Europe?


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Martin Garrix: Every show and country is different, even within the Middle East, every country is different and there’s a different energy and vibe, and it has to do with so many things. In Dubai, the last time I was here, I also performed at the Coca-Cola Arena and I just remember the energy, the room has such a cool layout – it’s huge but it also still feels so intimate in a way, which for my show I really like because it’s easier to connect with the crowd instead of seeing screens and cameras everywhere.

Where do you like to go when you visit Dubai?


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MG: Oh, I love Aura Skypool, it’s very, very sick. The view is amazing. I also like to go to the mall, Dubai Mall with the waterfall and everything, it’s beautiful.

How do you think becoming so famous at such a young age affected you?

MG: I think it made me grow up a lot quicker. Because people at one point looked at literally everything that I did and I didn’t want to be a bad example for others. I think mostly I grew up quicker because I started working and travelling with people twice my age.

What is your least favourite song of your own?

MG: It’s probably some unreleased stuff, stuff I never released that I made if I didn’t feel very happy. For me, every song is almost like a diary entry, or a chapter on how I felt at the time and I have so many memories linked to each song that I have ever made.

Who is your favourite artist currently and why?

MG: I listen to so many different artists but I am a huge fan of Coldplay. I did a South America tour, myself, and had a layover in Mexico City and found out that they were performing, so I told my crew, security and everybody that was with me “Guys, go home, don’t worry about me, I’m going to watch Coldplay.” The show was right next to the airport, so from being on the connecting flight to actually being in the crowd at their show with a face mask, the Coldplay hoodie and sunglasses on it was crazy. Nobody saw me or recognized me and I had one of the best nights ever.

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