The SEHA Covid Centres dotted around Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra were a lifeline during the ravages of the pandemic.

Providing a network of consistent, efficient, innovative (remember marvelling at rapid testing and drive through centres?) and affordable early detection services for infection.

And whilst we’re not quite ready for the confetti canons and Covid obituary just yet — it’s clear afterall that the virus hasn’t completely gone away, the threat is now deemed to be at a sufficiently low level to step down the alert status. A DEFCON 4.5, sort of situation.

This means that SEHA has been able to announce the closure of its dedicated network of Covid Centres, although you can still access services such as screenings and vaccinations at their Healthcare centres.

And the SEHA hospitals in Al Rahba and Al Ain will take care of suspected and confirmed cases.

You can book appointments through the SEHA app or call: (02) 410 2200.

Green Pass updates

A large part of the UAE’s success in getting on top of and managing the effects of the global pandemic — was the Alhosn Green Pass.

Creating an easily accessible, clear traffic light system (with a handy app) to help halt transmission and allowing residents to access essential services and leisure pursuits even during the height of the pandemic.

But what’s next for the app, with the Green Pass now not required for almost all public places? Alhosn’s latest Twitter update looks forward to an “even brighter future”, hinting, potentially, at new roles for the app — “Stay tuned for how we’ll continue serving the UAE“.

Images: Getty