We’re proud to call this country our home…

The UAE is known to have it all, with gorgeous weather, modern architecture, word class restaurants and all the comforts and luxuries you could possibly need. So it’s no surprise that this wonderful place we call home has been ranked in the top 10 best places to live as an expat.

UAE best place expat

Using the lived experiences from 11,970 expats across 181 countries, the Expat Insider Survey has taken into account factors such as quality of life, ease of settling in, affordable housing, language barriers, friendliness and bureaucracy, job security, work satisfaction and local friendliness as a means to determine the best places in the world to live as an expat.

The UAE has ranked the sixth best place for expats to live in 2022, which makes it the only country in the Middle East to make it into the top 10. The country scored highly in most categories with it’s expat population appreciating its leisure facilities, easy travel and transit options, and the fact that 80 percent of expats believe their career prospects have improved.

The UAE received high marks for providing all of the necessities for expats living abroad, such as easy visa applications and approvals, access to government services, and the absence of a difficult language barrier.

UAE best place expat

Its vibrant nightlife and thriving dining scene are among the many factors that attract expats to the UAE, as is the country’s political safety and harmony. The UAE scored highly in all most all categories with the exception of the natural environment, where only 65 per cent where happy.

Mexico was ranked the best country in 2022 for expat satisfaction, mainly due to their welcoming and hospitable local residents, laid back culture and cheap cost of living. This was followed by Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal and Spain. After the UAE at seventh place is Vietnam, followed by Thailand, Australia and Singapore. Other countries in the Middle East such as Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, also made it into the top 30.

Images: Unsplash