Pretty in pink…

We’re not 100 per cent sure why, but we believe it has now been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that Abu Dhabi absolutely loves a food truck. Maybe it’s a nostalgic call back to the romance of nomadic life; maybe it’s the excitement of semi-permanence — fleeting visits from innovative pop-ups that are here one moment then *woosh* become one with the wind; or perhaps food really does taste better when the kitchen has got a few miles on the clock.

Whatever the reason, food trucks are here to stay in Abu Dhabi. The concept. Not the trucks.

Perhaps the most exciting individual addition to the capital’s meals-on-wheels fleet, is the EL&N Cafe on the Yas Bay Waterfront. You’ll find it opposite Etihad Arena, next to the Emerging Man sculpture.

It’s a little thing called passion sweetie

This food truck is essentially an amuse-bouche for the full fixed cafe opening in Yas Bay at some point in the not-too-distant future.

But what can you expect from EL&N and why is it so popular? Considering its global footprint and Insta-clout the brand is actually surprisingly young. The original cafe opened on London’s hyper-trendy Park Lane in 2017, the vision-made-bricks-and-mortar of fashion luminary Alexandra Miller.

Now there are outlets in Paris, Milan, Edinburgh, Doha, Riyadh, Kuwait and of course just next door in Dubai’s DIFC.

The EL&N manifesto is all about fusing fantastical aesthetic elements — shocking pinks, neon signs and floral abundance, with red hot, statement, made-for-the-Insta-feed pastries, desserts, luxe coffees, mocktails, cheesecake pops and sandwiches.

Yas kween

The food truck is now open and serving up a limited menu of drinks, eats, treats, and sweets. With the full rose-tinted venue, we hope, to open later this year.

Images: Instagram