After years of politely requesting, we’re finally getting the pink heart!

Emojis. It can speak volumes and quite honestly, one can have an entire conversation with them without the need to type out lines of text. If you love emojis as much as we do, you’ll be thrilled to know that a number of new small digital icons will soon be released this spring.

That’s right, a total number of 21 pictograms will soon be released for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. It will be available with the future release of iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, and macOS 13.3.

An official date for iOS 16.4 has not been announced yet, but if you want to check it out now, you can use a secondary iPhone to sign up for the iOS 16.4 public beta software.

Here’s a list of the new emojis that will be released. 

Apple users will be able to spam their friends with new heart colours – grey, blue and (finally) pink. There are a total of 12 hand emojis signifying what we would like to assume is the ‘stop’ gesture in different skin tones.

Six cute emojis have been added to the ‘Animal & Nature’ including a goose, moose, donkey, common blackbird, lavender flower (or is it a hyacinth…) and a pretty electric blue jellyfish. On the food front, there’s a green pea pod emoji and a piece of ginger.

new iphone emojis

Other new emojis include a flute, maracas, an angel wing, a red handheld fan, an afro-pick comb, and perhaps one of our favourites the ‘I am shook’ emoji depicted by a shakey open-mouth shocked yellow smiley on a 45-degree angle with squiggly lines.

Usually, the iPhone software update message agitates us (and we would instantly tap ‘close’), but this time around we are looking forward to it just to check these cute icons out.

Feature images: Unsplash
Emojis: Supplied