A chilly delivery…

While ice baths – or cold-water immersion – were once reserved for professional athletes aiming to push their body past its limit, they have become much more popular in recent years.

The more we have learned about their ability to improve performance and benefit your health (by releasing stress hormones and helping reduce tension), the more people have been willing to give them a go. This has been especially true in Dubai, a city that has seen ice bath sessions pop up in gyms, padel courts, and back gardens.

In 2020, Dani Afioni opened Longevity Sports in Al Quoz – alongside partners Ali Hassoun and Laura Hsu –offering next-level cold water immersion therapy using technology-led ice-less baths that rapidly cools water to an Arctic five degrees Celsius. And now, in an effort to make ice bath experiences even more extreme and efficient, Longevity Sports has launched ‘The Beast’.

ice bath dubai

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the world’s first mobile ice bath, bringing cold water therapy right to your front door, much to the amusement of your neighbours.

Inside the truck are four deep cylindrical tubs filled with freezing cold water, which you and your pals will plunge into and sit in for up to 15 mind- and body-numbing minutes.

ice bath dubai

For newbies, the experience can be nerve-wracking. The shock of the cold water on your body can literally take your breath away, and fight or flight mode kicks in almost instantaneously. But while it is freezing cold, it’s also unbelievably invigorating and after a few minutes you’ll start to feel a lot calmer and more comfortable. By the time you clamber out of the tub, and wobble down from the truck, you barely feel the cold anymore, just a little numb but extremely energised. It’s no wonder why so many residents have become addicted to these sessions.

The Beast is now ready and raring to tour around neighbourhoods in the UAE. You can book a one-hour session for Dhs580, four hours for Dhs1,720 or hire it for the full day from Dhs2,250.

Longevity Sports, Dubai. Tel: (054) 565 6021. longevity-sports.com