Your daily commute could get a lot more green…

All UAE residents can surely agree that getting your steps in each day can be a bit difficult. However, things are set to change in Dubai. By 2040, Dubai is going to be home to a 93km city-wide climate-controlled urban highway called The Loop, which will connect residents across the city. This means that year-round, you’ll be able to walk and cycle around Dubai. Goodbye summer sweat.

That’s not all – this project will feature sustainable and eco-friendly technologies, urban agriculture, parks and amenities for surrounding residents, committing to being a sustainable and zero emissions transport system.

Here is everything we know so far.


The mastermind behind this project is URB, a global leader in developing high-tech sustainable cities, facilitating Dubai’s 2040 Urban Master Plan. The climate-controlled urban highway called The Loop will connect over 3 million residents from all across the city, facilitating a more active approach to navigating Dubai.


The Loop is set to provide a primary mode of transport for over 80 per cent of the city’s inhabitants, as well as being a place that brings together communities and provides leisure and wellness facilities. This multi-functional utopia will include luscious parks and vertical farming projects that contribute to maintaining food security in surrounding areas. Sounds dreamy.

Sustainability is at the heart of this project, with the 93km stretch of urban highway utilising state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technology to foster its upkeep. This includes 100 per cent renewable kinetic energy flooring as well as 100 per cent recycled water to irrigate its parks and vertical farms.

Not all the details are finalised, but watch this space as we will be keeping you all updated with the latest news about The Loop!

Images: URB