Fired nightly to signal the timing of Maghrib prayer…

The first day of Ramadan is expected to fall on March 23 this year, according to Ibrahim Al Jarwan, chairman of the board of directors of the Emirates Astronomical Society.

Every year during the Holy Month of Ramadan in Dubai, cannons are fired daily at sunset to announce the commencement of the maghrib prayer and the breaking of fast — iftar. The responsibility of oversight falls to the Support Units Command, of the Ministry of Defense, who confirmed that the cannons would once again be used in 2023.

Obviously, it’s not real artillery — these mamoth sky pistols use blank cartridges so it’s safe if you want to head on over to check it out, though you may want to plug your ears. It’s a unique and memorable ceremony, filled with nostalgia and festive zeal — drawing residents and tourists to witness firsthand the deafening roar of the cannon fire.

But where can you catch this compelling tradition (also known as midfa al iftar) in Abu Dhabi?

Here are all the confirmed Ramadan cannons in Abu Dhabi this year.

According to an article published in the Khaleej Times there will be cannon placements in “the city of Abu Dhabi at Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Qasr Al-Hosn and Umm Al-Emarat Park in the Mushrif region, and in the city of Shahama in the Formula parking, and in Al-Ain city it will be in the Zakher area near the wedding hall and Al-Jahili Fort, and the city of Al-Dhafra it will be in Adnoc Gardens.”

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Images: MOD UAE