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Welcoming ladies at all fitness levels, Sweat & Go is a new concept, gym and spa, acting as a safe haven which aids women to achieve their health and fitness goals. Using unparalleled machines that combine cardio and skincare benefits, ladies will be able to achieve their fitness goals in no time.

Here’s how it works


Moving away from the idea that results can only be achieved with hours of daily training, ladies will only need to come three to four times a week, before seeing visible results – a total no brainer.

This is perfect for women of all ages and schedules, ideal for mums and ladies who are always on the go. Alternatively if your hoping to get in shape quickly for a special occasion, or those who want to get their body back in shape after birth or an aesthetic procedure.

The studios have been curated to ensure privacy and comfort, and are bursting with energy and support. Sessions take place in private rooms, with two signature services available;

1. Glow & Go – Here guests will use the Sweat & Go horizontal low-impact cycling capsule, that uses next-generation technology to burn fat and improve skin quality. Ladies can burn up to 1,000 calories in 40 minutes – which changes everything when you have a hectic schedule. This costs Dhs350 per session.

sweat and go

2. Roll & Go – A fully automatic massage roller that targets 15 different body parts. It has a number of advantages, including cellulite reduction, skin toning, and figure-shaping. Body rollers also help with lymphatic drainage, metabolism, and muscle soreness. This costs Dhs420 per session.

At Sweat & Go ladies can burn up to 1,000 calories in 40 mins, whilst soaking in infrared and collagen therapy and reduce cellulite up to 80 per cent. This active workout is still easy on the body, which means you can get keep active without compromising your joints. What more could you want?

10 session packages start from Dhs2,405, with trial sessions offering 50 per cent off at Dhs125 for 30 minutes.

Sweat & Go Fitness Studio, Motor City, 7am to 10pm. Tel: (0)58 555 3959. sweatandgo.ae

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