The season for giving back…

This Ramadan, Chaiiwala of London, a restaurant in Dubai Hills Mall will be giving away free meals to hard-working delivery drivers during the entire month of Ramadan.

Remember, during the peak season of Ramadan, drivers often miss their own iftars at the expense of delivering meals to others.

To show their gratitude, Chaiiwala will be providing free meals every Friday during the month of Ramadan to delivery drivers between 6pm and 12am. All that the drivers have to do is bring proof of occupation or a valid ID and the restaurant will serve them an iftar meal.

Founder and Director of Chaiiwala, Mohamed Sohal Alimohamed said that delivery bike riders play a critical role in the speed at which the city operates. Chaiiwala wanted to show appreciation for the drivers and riders who worked tirelessly to make our lives easier. He also added that Ramadan is an important reminder of how much we have to be thankful for and is a good reminder to be compassionate and merciful to other people.

You can help out by letting your next delivery driver know that they will be welcomed with a free meal throughout Ramadan when they visit the Dubai Hills Mall branch.

Want to do some good this Ramadan? There will be plenty of initiatives running across the Holy Month and we will be sure to share them with you as soon as we get the official announcement.

Chaiiawala as a brand

With nearly 100 years of history behind the brand, Chaiiwala was founded in New Dehli in 1927. Over the years they have expanded to over 500 stores across the world. Tradition and authenticity remain a core component of the menu and the company’s ethos.

Chaiiwala, Dubai Hills Mall, Dubai Hills, free meals for delivery drivers with any form of ID or proof of occupation, Fridays from 6pm to midnight during Ramadan. @chaiiwalame