A great reminder to give back in the month of Ramadan…

The Ramadan Sharing Fridges initiative is a great way to support the local community during Ramadan. Started in 2016, this community-based event sees fridges pop-up all over the city, with residents encouraged to fill them for those in need to help themselves to.

The group were forced to take a hiatus during the pandemic, and during Ramadan 2022 were still unable to get a license to set-up, according to a post on the Ramadan Sharing Fridges Facebook page.

For 2023, the organisers of the Ramadan Sharing Fridges are yet to confirm whether they will be able to go ahead. However, a statement reads: “We are working on the license and due permits, and we will communicate any progress as soon as possible in all our channels. Stay tuned.”

Remember, all charity initiatives need to be pre-approved and have all of the necessary permits to avoid penalties or fines. During a briefing last week, Dubai’s Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (Iacad), reminded residents that those wishing to distribute iftar meals must have permission. Applications can be done via the Iacad website, and is required to ensure donated food meets the required standards to consume.

However, while the Ramadan Sharing Fridges group is still yet to confirm whether they will operate this Ramadan, others are setting up their own sharing fridges.

Thus far, we’ve only got confirmation of one location, but stay tuned, as we’ll be updating this as more Ramadan sharing fridges get announced.

Here’s where to find Ramadan sharing fridges in Dubai in 2023. 

Media One Hotel

From March 23, Media One Hotel’s Ramadan sharing fridge will return for the fifth year in a row. Positioned just outside the office entrance, each day it’s restocked with food and drink supplied by the tower’s tenants to provide essentials for those in need. This includes fresh fruit, such as apples, oranges, and bananas as well as drinks, including small bottles of water and soft drinks, in accordance with the Dubai Municipality guidelines. Dry fruit, yogurt, and biscuits in sealed packaging are also welcomed, But they’re always open to more contributions, which can be arranged by calling (052) 670 6651.