What a way to start your day…

Since its opening last April, SAN Beach has been a firm favourite on Palm Jumeirah’s beach club scene. It was the first of a string of openings at Nakheel’s The Club, and has managed to stay popular despite the ever increasing competition. The venue is split between a luxurious beach club and pretty indoor restaurant. We chose to start our day inside, finding a cosy booth that overlooks the entire space. The room is quiet when we arrive but quickly starts to fill up as lunchtime approaches. But we’re here for the most important meal of the day – breakfast.

SAN’s breakfast menu is surprisingly extensive, with a healthy section plus a page-and-a-half dedicated to eggs. We start with a fresh juice called The Red Planet – Mars (Dhs49). It’s a beautifully refreshing beverage made with raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, and goji berries. We slurp in down in record time, feeling all the better for it. Cappuccinos (Dhs26) are served on a wonderfully unique clay cup and tray. Strong and served at the perfect temperature, we gleefully sip on the creamy goodness.

Our pick from the healthy section is a honey roasted granola (Dhs58), a crunchy and flavourful combination of oats, rye and wheat bran with seeds, nuts and dried fruit. The crumbly granola sits on a bed of fresh Greek yoghurt, for a balanced texture. A side of honeycomb would elevate the dish even further.

From the hot dishes Royal Feast (Dhs120) stood out to us. It’s not as oversized as the name might suggest, consisting of two fried eggs, baked tomato, sautéed mushrooms and a 100-gram mustard-crusted beef fillet. Unfortunately, our request for the steak to be served medium rare didn’t transpire, but the dish was enjoyable regardless.

After breakfast, we couldn’t resist moving out to a sun lounger to soak up the sun. The chic surroundings further cement SAN as one of our favourite beach clubs, as the aesthetic details take our breath away. From the marble bar on the beach, to the solid wood sun loungers topped with a metre-deep cushion, this is barefoot luxury at its best.

What’s On verdict: An elevated offering in a sublime setting.

SAN Beach, The Club, West Beach, Palm Jumeirah, 9am to midnight (breakfast 9am to noon). Tel: (0)4 458 0499. sanbeachdubai.com