A roast that absolutely does the most…

British cuisine has a fair amount of crimes against gastronomy levelled against its plate. Jellied eels, spotted dick, deep-fried Mars bars, devilled kidneys — whatever ‘scouse’ is, Angel Delight, corned beef hash. We could go on, but honestly, we’re already a little queasy.

If there was ever one clear shot at redemption, it would be The Sunday roast dinner. Available in a myriad of meat and vegetarian guises, it truly is a great leveller — because it often represents something more than just food. It is the coming together of friends and family, it’s the ‘are you gonna finish that Yorkshire?’ Communal spirit — it’s an institution.

Whilst we’re normally against attempts at gilding gold and the painting of lilies — we do enjoy an intelligently executed twist on a classic. And we think Abu Dhabi’s West to West Kitchen might have done something here.

West to West is named after its founder’s dural heritage branches of West Africa and the West Indies — and serves up a collection of outstanding, classic cuisine from these two titanic flavour regions. There is raw passion in their food. Passion for sharing authentic, under-exposed taste experiences, passion in showing off just how much variety there is (including a substantial menu of vegan options) in the respective repertoires.

And now their sights are set on dropping some of their trademark taste bud razzle dazzle on our favourite Sunday staple. The stage is set then, for a culinary collaboration of truly epic proportions — roast dinners x West to West Kitchen.

Your ‘joint options’ include roast chicken and roast lamb, side varieties include jollof rice; rice and peas; mac ‘n’ cheese; roast potatoes and plantains. The trimmings provided are Yorkshire puddings, roast vegetables and West to West gravy, and if you want to close out the meal on a sweet note — sticky toffee pudding with date sauce and either custard or ice cream is available for Dhs21.

There are a few ways to construct the roast package — but the combo deal makes the most sense to us (Dhs79 for a big appetite, Dhs68 for a small one). That gets you one meat main, one side and all the trimmings (if you’ve really got a case of the Sunday hungries you can just add on extra sides at Dhs21-a-pop).

The West to West Sunday roasts are only available on Sunday, and because there is limited supply (and spirited demand) you’ll need to reserve your place at the table in advance (latest midnight on Saturday).

Al Bzaymi St, Najda, 3pm to 11pm. Tel: (02) 671 9119, @westtowestkitchen

Images: Provided