There is no catch…

Every now and then a new promotion hits one of Abu Dhabi’s network of bars and restaurants and it leaves the community shaken. And we mean truly shooketh. Frantic phone calls (remember those?) are made to fact check the details of the deal as the message spreads through WhatsApp groups. “Surely the accounting can’t add up, there must be a typo, maybe it’s only valid on the sixth Tuesday of every month?”

Promotions such as the one launching at Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi’s stunning rooftop pool bar, AT25 on April 29, 2023.

The (deal on the) roof is on fire

What will be known as Sky High Saturdays are set to take place between 4pm and 8pm every weekend. Individuals pay just Dhs50 on the door, that’s less than the price of a burger in a decent chunk of the city’s fancy burger joints in case you needed a comparative yard stick, and you’ll be entitled to 10 select house drinks. For you. No sharing.

That’s it. No sleight of hand, no timeshare presentation, or pyramid scheme pitch — just 10 chilled adult bevs for less than the average taxi ride home.

What’s on the menu?

Nope it’s not some obscure, cloudy bath tub brew — there’s actually a healthy selection of sumthin-sumthins to get your sip on to — there’s red, white, rosé and sparkling wine varieties; a range of spirits; and select beer varieties.

Of raves and waves

In addition to the scandalously low cost of libations — your Saturday session also comes with big views of Downton Abu Dhabi, and pool party vibes care of the resident DJ.

And as a final twist in this promotional fairytale Marriott Downtown has left us with a bit of cliffhanger, stating, “and there will be even bigger news from AT25 to be announced in the coming days so watch this space.”

AT25, Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi, Every Sat from April 29 4pm to 8pm. Tel: (02) 304 7777, @marriottdowntownad

Images: Provided