Why do sandstorms only hit after you’ve washed your car..?

It’s just Darude…

We’ve officially hit “quick, bring the washing in” wind levels this morning, with a mild to moderate chance of sky-blown socks and lost dish cloths. And according to the most recent weather bulletin from the UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology, it looks like those blustery gusts are set to continue for a little while longer.

What these strong winds mean for residents (other than being forced to do the dreaded ‘inside laundry drying’) is unseasonably fresh ‘feels like’ temperature, and alerts for rough-to-very-rough seas. So might be worth putting a pin in that birthday yacht cruise just for a moment. As mentioned above — there’s also the possibility of sandstorms — with windspeeds currently more than capable of carrying ‘sandy particulates’. Not a stage name.

Cool RAKkings

If you’ve had to dig a sweater out of the winter section of your wardrobe this morning, you weren’t the only one. Amongst the coldest temperature recorded in the UAE today was a frosty 7.2ºC turned in by a weather station in a mountainous region of RAK.

What can we expect for the rest of the week?

Those windy conditions will likely continue through the week, with a lull predicted on Thursday followed by a moderate relapse and increase on Friday.

Temperatures in coastal areas are also expected to say low (with highs of 27ºC and lows of 17ºC), and the possibility of wind-blown sand remains throughout the week.

We will of course keep you updated on any extreme weather warnings.

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