We certainly felt it…

Did you notice those blissful winter mornings extending just that little bit more last month? According to new data analysis from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), April 2023 was the coldest April the UAE has seen for 25 years.

Speaking to The National, Dr Ahmed Habib of the NCM explained that scientists had collated data from no less than 110 weather stations dotted around the UAE. Between 1998 and now, they had taken and analysed data and temperature readings to determine their findings.

From this analysis, the experts deduced that the average maximum temperature for April 2023 was 31.9°C. It’s the lowest average maximum temperature recorded since 1998.

According to Dr Habib, unique conditions across the emirates contributed to the drop in temperatures. The most significant contributor was “atmospheric pressure systems that brought in cooler air masses from the Mediterranean Sea and northern Saudi Arabia.”

The pressure systems also resulted in drawing medium and high clouds from Saudi Arabia towards the UAE, blocking the sun’s rays and reducing the temperatures.

Temperature-wise, the highest temperature recorded in April was 41.6°C.

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UAE?

As we move into the summer, we’ll sadly be saying goodbye to news of cooler climes, as we enter the scorching months of June, July and August.

In case you were curious what the highest temperature ever recorded in the UAE was, it was a sweat-inducing 52.1ºC (125.78ºF). This was recorded by specialist calibrated equipment in July 2002.

Images: What’s On archive